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Re: [ga] Re: Motion for a vote of no confidence in the Board

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Subject: [ga] Re: Motion for a vote of no confidence in the Board

> Mike Roberts writes:  "The direct election option is gone."
> It doesn't matter that after a year-long study the ALSC still supported
> direct elections, that NAIS supported direct elections, that Public Forum
> participants supported direct elections, that the GA, NCDNHC,BC, gTLDs
> supported direct elections... the only thing that matters to Mike is that
> resign ourselves to acceptance of the verdict of the Board to eliminate
> direct elections.
> Why should we?

But how do we get them to listen, Danny? They have a (not so) hidden
agenda that absolutly requires them to have control over the board. Their
goals are in direct opposition to what is right for the internet community.

How long are people going to try to work within the system? When will
folks realize that its rigged and you cannot accomplish anything from within
because they wont let you? Thats what we in the inclusive  namespace
have been saying for a long time.

If we could get a large number of people to switch  - ICANN would be

If you dont like the current batch of inclusive roots, how about some big,
respected names on the internet getting together and building a root
network that people will respect. One that has the backing of some money
(there are people with money who DONT like ICANN).

> If this Board is incapable of recognizing broad consensus, then why we
> we bother to participate in any schemes to retain these incumbents?  Did
> Board recognize the consensus on the VeriSign renegotiations?  Did the
> respect the consensus on dot org?  Of course not, and rather than abiding
> the rules "as they are required to do" and remanding policy
> back to the originating SO's for further work if so required, they instead
> arbitrarily and capriciously crafted their own resolutions at odds with
> community will.  This has become an ugly pattern.
> There are no checks on the power of this Board-run-amok.  Until such
> are in place, why should we choose to cooperate?  Any consensus that we
> is guaranteed to be overturned by the Board with no right of appeal other
> than to the same smug insiders that sit on the reconsideration committee.
> If you expect us to "get to work", give us first an Independent Review

They have no intention of listening to us. Please everyone, wake up. Until
are forced to change in the right direction (by DOC/USG, congress, whatever)
they will not.


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