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Re: [ga] Motion for a vote of no confidence in the Board

On 2002-03-19 12:28:48 -0800, Mike Roberts wrote:

>Yes, indeed.  One of the first tenets of management is, "tell me 
>your solutions, not your problems."

Still, stating the problem the right way is, sometimes, half of the 
solution.  I'll give it a try.

Let's, for a moment, assume that - whatever structure one may come 
up with for policy-making (which is interesting by itself) - we'll 
ultimately have a board which can, in reality, ignore input from the 
policy-making process if it believes that this is the best thing for 
the corporation.

How can such a board be controlled?  What kind of feed-back can be 
provided to such a board?  There is no market which can operate as a 
feed-back channel, like in the case of a normal business.  Thus, 
external feed-back channels have to be added.  The single largest 
problem with the Lynn proposal is that it _eliminates_ such 
channels; even more so if even the governmental appointees have to 
go through the NomComm filter.  All feed-back channels which are 
left over can be ignored by the board.

The problem we should try to address is what such channels should 
look like: How can the public provide feed-back to ICANN which (1) 
can't be ignored (like an ombudsman who gives non-binding 
recommendations), and (2) does not have a possible breakdown of 
Internet stability as its side-effect (like the introduction of 
competing roots on the sides of AOL and Microsoft)?

Thomas Roessler                          http://log.does-not-exist.org/
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