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Re: [ga] Motion for a vote of no confidence in the Board

Mike Roberts wrote:
> At 7:01 PM +0100 3/19/02, Thomas Roessler wrote:
> >I do agree on the clear message part, but I do not at this point of 
> >time agree that a (declaratory) "vote of no confidence" is the best 
> >way to proceed.  I hope that we can find more constructive ways of 
> >expressing ourselves.
> Yes, indeed.  One of the first tenets of management is, "tell me your 
> solutions, not your problems."
> The people and organizations who have the political power to alter 
> the course of ICANN's future are all too familiar with the litany of 
> problems, real and imagined.  What they want to know is what 
> constructive solutions the ICANN community has to offer.  Firing the 
> Board is not among them.

I regrettably disagree.  ICANN is a mess and the buck stops with the Board.

I have tried to be what I perceive as a "moderate" voice.  Obviously unhappy 
with the status quo but also trying to work constructively within the system.  
Have pledged money and time to the at large.  Have worked as part of the 
Structure Taskforce.  Have encouraged my local ccTLD to keep attending and 
funding ICANN.  Have tried to be constructive on issues etc.

However I no longer believe ICANN is redeemable.  For years I have said ICANN 
is not perfect but we need some central co-ordinating body and ICANN is the 
only game in town.  This is no longer the case.  I am detecting a seismic shift 
in the internet landscape which equates to the internet community no longer has 
confidence in ICANN either present or future.

Therefore my constructive solution is to remove the naming and addressing 
authority from ICANN and learn from the mistakes of ICANN to set up a sucessor 
body or bodies.  


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