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Re: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge

William X Walsh wrote:
> Tuesday, Tuesday, March 19, 2002, 5:58:07 AM, Esther Dyson wrote:
> > Okay... Joanna, would you be willing to take this on fulltime if you were
> > elected/selected/whatever?
> I don't think Joanna is well suited for that.  Her diplomacy skills
> are sorely lacking, and she has a tendency to jump to conclusions and
> attack before looking at all the evidence/facts.
> She is publicly hostile to the idea of openness and inclusiveness in
> the At Large already.

This is an unsubstantiated charge of the sort that William
X. Walsh likes to fling about without producing any
evidence.  It is his mainstay tactic.  I challenge him to
produce the evidence for such a charge.  Unless he can
produce such evidence his further comments on the topic
are best ignored as he has an established record of
casting aspersions without providing evidence for his
claims.  Mr. Walsh likes to cast mud at people in the hope
that some of it will stick if he throws enough of it


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