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Re: [ga] Re: [admin] Attacks and offensive words

I have obtained the domain dns-o.org and will offer to run
an e-mail list if the censorship gets too out of hand here.

The rules are being used to stifle legitimate debate.  We
can get around that, however.

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> John,
> >
> >I agree with Eric on this. Stifling debate is a big part of what you do
> >when
> >you want to shut out the people from having a say in the decision making
> >process. You are wrong to criticize Eric for his post - he was making a
> >valid, on-topic post. As for calling names,  "if the shoe fits...". Also,
> >some strong language sometimes serves to wake folks up and get their
> >attention.
> >
> Your post would be entirely appropriate if we were discussing the way to
> up rules of behaviour.
> This is not the case now: rules have been discussed, voted, approved, and
> are now in the enforcement phase.
> If I may use an example, smoking is now forbidden on aircrafts. You may
> argue whether this is censoring your rights to smoke, or if this is needed
> to protect the rights of others not to inhale your smoke, but the fact is
> that if you are caught smoking you are fined.
> Exactly this is happening to who violates the posting rules in quantity
> (number of posts) or quality (civil discourse).
> Best regards
> Roberto
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