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Re: [ga] FYI: "Overcoming ICANN"

DPF wrote:

> Let us walk away from ICANN as a noble but failed experiment and work
> towards a replacement which can apply to DOC to take up the challenge
> which ICANN management has passed off as too hard.
> Therefore I call upon interested persons to step forward with offers
> of help for two things:
> 1) Hosting a petition site for members of the Internet Community to
> sign up to support the redelegation away from ICANN of all naming and
> addressing responsibilities
> 2) Hosting of mailing lists and or forums to create a replacement or
> replacements for ICANN

I would be only too happy to host the petition site,
mailing list(s), and/or forum(s) David.  Let's coordinate
and get this rolling. 


Sotiris Sotiropoulos
	Hermes Network Inc.
	Toronto, Canada

direct: 416.422.1034

icq: 34564103
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