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Re: [ga] FYI: "Overcoming ICANN"

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002 10:43:32 +0100, Thomas Roessler
<roessler@does-not-exist.org> wrote:
(in fact Dave Farber and co wrote)
> - "Wide consensus has already been achieved on at least one key 
>   point -- even by ICANN's current president -- ICANN is seriously 
>   broken. We agree, and we additionally assert that ICANN's history, 
>   structure, and behaviors strongly indicate that the most 
>   productive course would be for ICANN's role in Internet affairs to 
>   be discontinued."

I reluctantly came to the same conclusion as the esteemed Mr Farber
the day the Board voted to kill the at large (which is what they did).
Farber and co have expressed most eloquently why ICANN no longer has a
mandate to perform its role.  This is a great pity as it will take
some time to find a successor but that is the most productive thing we
can now do.

ICANN now has such a history and culture of non-transparency, secrecy,
distrust and reneging that any attempts at reform are to be honest
doomed to failure.  One would have to replace the majority of the
Board and the senior management to even come close to having faith in
ICANN's ability to manage the naming and addressing systems.  Major
stakeholders such as the RIRs, the ccTLDs, IETF are all re-addressing
their relationship with ICANN.

There can be no question in my mind that ICANN has failed to not only
live up to its founding principles but is in flagrant breach of the
agreement with DOC and the White Paper.

Therefore it is time as Mr Farber says to turn our energies to
devising the best successor or successors to ICANN.  This need not be
complicated as the RIRs and ccTLDs are pretty much self managing and
some structure is already in place for gTLD issues.  

Let us walk away from ICANN as a noble but failed experiment and work
towards a replacement which can apply to DOC to take up the challenge
which ICANN management has passed off as too hard.

Therefore I call upon interested persons to step forward with offers
of help for two things:

1) Hosting a petition site for members of the Internet Community to
sign up to support the redelegation away from ICANN of all naming and
addressing responsibilities

2) Hosting of mailing lists and or forums to create a replacement or
replacements for ICANN

Originally I planned to work quietly with a few people on the issue of
proposing a replacement organisation to ICANN, but as so many people
are now publicly endorsing that ICANN should lose its right to manage
the naming and addressing system it seems timely to step forward and
add my voice in support.

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