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Re(2): [ga] Re: Discussion Draft -- ICANN Reorganization

Dear Jeffrey,

Although I did not want to reply so as not to keep exchanging email,
and keep the list for its main purpose, I will reply only by this
email, any other thing I am ready to reply in private.

>  The work on TCP/IP was not JUST the work of Vint Cerf.  Many
>people worked on that protocol including myself.  So the credit
>attributed to Vint in this area is, frankly a gross exaggeration.

Thank you then too, but it is known that the two people behind the
TCP/IP were Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn (I forgot his name in the first

>  Perhaps in Aman you have restrictions of a form of speech.  But in
>most of the free world we do not.  If in your country there are such
>restrictions on expression, you have my sympathies and condolences..
>I am quite sure that Eric, and many others will agree with me on

I do not want to get into politics here, but sometimes the media
shows fact in wrong way, in Jordan we have no restrictions of any
kind (unless you are targeting the stability of the country which I
am sure in all the countries you will be taken to trial), even better
than most of the "free world" countries. As some know Jordan is one
of the safest countries.

>  ROFLMAO!  Well that is one of the biggest laughs I have had in some
>Thank you for sharing it with all of us...

And I thought you (in the developed countries) use time better than
us (the developing countries).

Best Regards

Charles Sha'ban
TAGI, Regional Office, Amman
Telephone No.: +962 6 5669603
Fax No.: +962 6 5603743
TAGI House, Queen Noor Street
P.O.Box 921100 Amman 11192 Jordan

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