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Re(2): [ga] Re: Discussion Draft -- ICANN Reorganization

Well I think this is gone too far, remember that without the work of
Mr. Cerf (and his colleague) there will not have been an Internet and
we could not negotiate like we are doing now, you know Internet runs
on the TCP/IP protocol which Mr. Cerf made available.

Everyone have the right to express his own views but not in this way.
Even the example you are using that he could not connect his home to
Internet, well a simple management rule (by the way, I am middle
management in my company), you should not do another employee's work,
you should concentrate on your work. Believe me if Mr. Cerf connected
his own T1 line then this will be wrong, because he wasted time that
he can spend on more important issues that he is responsible for.


Charles Sha'ban
TAGI, Regional Office, Amman
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cis@it.com.vn writes:
>Mr. Cerf,
>Surely you jest?
>You have the audacity to suppose what is best for users.  You are an
>Ivory tower twit.  I read in an article just last week you cannot
>even hook up your own
>internet at home.  You stated that you would have someone run a t1
>line to your home. You are so far removed and vacated from real
>users that Worldcom should
>elevate you to saint so you are assured of living with your own kind.
>The U.S. already has millions of online voters.  Why can't you
>people do the same world wide.  You cry the same old tyrant song,
>"we cannot have elections to
>replace me because I cannot make them fair" Bullshit!
>Never, Never never assume that you can make decisions for us users
>because you are an abuser and have no decency for us users.
>Have a nice day!

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