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Re: [ga] posting limits

Rules rather than censorship is needed, maybe if we think 5 is not
enough we need to negotiate to change it but there should be rules.
Personally I started just deleting a lot of the GA email messages
because they are just too much for me to read, since I have my work
to attend too, which caused me that some really important things I
missed, if we keep the discussion right to the point and say what we
want in the shortest way we can it will be better for a lot of the
members I am sure since most of you do have other things to attend to.


Charles Sha'ban
TAGI, Regional Office, Amman
Telephone No.: +962 6 5669603
Fax No.: +962 6 5603743
TAGI House, Queen Noor Street
P.O.Box 921100 Amman 11192 Jordan
>Censorship is wrong and hurts the credibility of any open and
>transparent methodology.
>Five posts a day limit is just silly.  If any limit was imposed it
>should be by character count.
>If you are in emerging country dialling up at some remote Internet
>location it is better to get 7 short messages
>than two long ones, so I believe this rule is a direct discrimination
>against poorer countries and poorer users.

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