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Re: [ga] Re: Discussion Draft -- ICANN Reorganization

At 11:50 PM 3/17/2002 +0100, Jefsey Morfin wrote:
>At 20:26 17/03/02, vint cerf wrote:
>>the proposal that stuart made would not put government employees
>>on the board but would offer governments an opportunity to choose
>>among a slate of candidates developed by a nominating committee.
>>The idea is to find the best candidates filling a variety of
>>criteria - geographic dispersion, board experience, Internet
>>awareness, fund raising ability, appreciation for the wide
>>range of interests and opinions among the Internet's constituents,
>These candidates are supposed to represent every area of the globe in proportion of 300.000.000 people each,

we know it is impossible to have direct representation for 500M users of the Internet. Similarly it is
impossible to directly represent every country in the world. The board is supposed to be composed of
people who can think about the needs of the Internet and its users, providers, etc as members of a
team: the board of trustees of ICANN. Every director is in fact responsible to ICANN to do the best
he or she can to think about the Internet as a whole in making policy determinations for ICANN.

>Don't you think that selecting every three years 6 @large directors will be as much complex and costly as choosing every 12 years an UN General Secretary?

Assuming staggered terms the selection process would be annual wouldn't it?

>>Looking at various funding possibilities including endowments as adjunct or alternative.
>Why not just a cost based upon the rendered services - if any - with a cross subsidization among the TLDs charging their users and the ones not charging them? 

this is certainly an approach worth pursuing with the various funding constituencies.

>When will we see the ICANN rates?

when the proposed budget emerges probably at or before Bucharest.


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