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[ga] reengineering

As we are seeing in Accra, the GA comes up with the right conclusions.
However it occurs internally, the GA through debate and input from a
wide ranging and cantankerous group reaches at least rough consensus and
predictably sound conclusions.  Oh we have issues, and we have issues
yet to tackle but we are getting there on each one presented.

Then you have JWs process arguments, and he is right to a certain
degree.  That degree is like my Doctorate.  It doesn't mean a thing, but
it lends credibility to what I say.  (even though we all know it

So there is Alexander down there fighting for us in Accra.  Through the
tools we have given him.  Have we given him a highly marketable
product?  No. Why? It is because our process sucks.  What he needs is a
certificate of proof to waive under their noses.  Yes Abels' work may
well be that kind of certificate.

Now what we can do is remain vigilante and provide support. {no not
personal} We have to keep pounding on our convictions so that the
certificates are authenticated, such as the are.

Marketing is education and education is marketing and it must be done
inside to inside and inside to outside and outside to inside any group
to be effective.


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