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Re: [ga] WLS reply

Dear Abel and dear GA,

greetings from Accra (thanks to Markle/Ford/Salzburg
Seminar funding)! The physical GA meeting will be
Tuesday at 8:30 local time=UTC, and the WLS will be
one of the topics. Perhaps you (Abel) could put it at
a permanent URL so that I can mention the URL at the
meeting? I would call it a "GA members statement"
at the moment (i.e., endorsed by those signing it), 
since we have not voted on it, if that's okay?

I have sporadic Internet access (between meetings),
so maybe those endorsing the document could send
"I support it" to Abel and you (Abel) send it on
to me? 

For those in Accra: The meeting is at the Adae
Kesie Room at the conference hotel.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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