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Re: [ga] WLS reply

At 20:19 9/03/02 +0000, Abel Wisman wrote:
>Just a few short hours or a few hours late, still we have not reacted in
>full to the VGRS proposal which we should.
>Don prepared this document and I had some input to, based upon all prior
>discussion, without to much objections we propose to send this document
>of asap (say tonight) to VGRS.

Thanks Abel for that work. Very helpful.

In order to make it more of a *pronouncement*  of the GA I have posted the 
text as a "free polling" item in the Polling Booth.
Every GA member, without login (and thus the voting result is based on 
trust) can vote there to express broad agreement or broad disagreement.
Voting Results are visible in real time.
go to www.democracy.org.nz/vote1/
and look for DNSO General Assembly.


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