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Re: [ga] WLS reply

Hi again,

You'll want to edit the document, probably, to include the info
Verisign requests on pages 3 and 4 of:


This lets them spin things based on the size of their opposition,
although the same can be said about the size of their supporters. See
the very bottom of:


for a sample used by the minority registrars.

The rest of their document can be safely ignored. For instance:

"none of whom utilize our connections to VeriSign Global Registry
Service to give preferential access to any customers over any other

is blatantly false. Some of those listed registrars are SnapNames
registration partners, and go after deleted names in a similar fashion
as NameWinner, NicGenie, and all the previously listed competitors,
which even Verisign have acknowledged are legitimate (see answer B.25


Although they try to say that some are inappropriate, they of course
refuse to list any. But, their answers in B.2 and B.3, where they say
that the load problem is solved, and that it "should not be considered
a criterion for determining the proper course of action", it's clear
all current business models *ARE* appropriate. :)


George Kirikos

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