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Re: [ga] WLS reply


--- Abel Wisman <abel@able-towers.com> wrote:
> Don prepared this document and I had some input to, based upon all
> prior
> discussion, without to much objections we propose to send this
> document
> of asap (say tonight) to VGRS.

Nice work, Don and Abel. Of course, I support what's been said in the

Given the nature of Verisign's responses to the previously submitted
questions, it was clear to me that this consultative process was merely
a sham. They've already presented this idea three times now by my
count, with no support. The real battle will begin when they try to
present the done deal to ICANN for approval, so I've saved my energy
and words for that. :) I think many of the registrars have concluded
the same, given the discussions taking place on their list, and the
lame "spin" minority position released by Verisign and their minions.

BTW, we're all still waiting for Chuck Gomes to post the HTML version
of the documents:


I've not found a simple way to cut/paste from Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
files, to make responding to their responses easier. I assume Verisign
will not mind that the DNSO GA position is a day late, given their HTML
documents are woefully late, and that their supporters are for the most
part fictitious or related parties. See:



George Kirikos

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