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Re: [ga] FYI: Staff Draft towards Mission Statement

On 10:41 09/03/02, Jeff Williams said:
>However Kents new position with ICANN may not
>influence his positions.  But I haven't seen any thing he
>has stated recently that would indicate such...

Kent is involved with security isn't it? I suppose that he is sharing into 
Lynn's brutal change concerning the root server system, its take over by 
the ICANN and the ICANN take over by the USG undr the "plural alibi" to 
call on Gov(s).

Would some US citizen object to a root server system coneived as an US Fort 
to protect from the terrorists from the outer world? This is not really an 
Alamo syndrom. It is a serious strategi matter. And for Kent it would be 
great to build/share in/rule such a kingdom.

Frankly, I would certainly support that and I think Kent has the experience 
asn skills for that. If not the community support. Bringing back all the 
USG root servers on US soil; under DNSSEC and close protection/scrutiny of 
the CIA; on distributed locations. This is exactly what New.net is 
advocating. I am for it, with a big IF:

- other geographical areas develop *parallel/synchronous* root server systems
- the private systems servicing registrants consortium TLDs (cf. RFC 920) 
like New.net or global roots like Pacific, ORSC, etc. may share into the 
used root file so it is a really global root file.

The ICANN could then resume its IANA service, registering the TLDs as per 
the RFC 920 conflict resolution procedures. I would only propose to enhance 
them with the industry proposed RT/BP anti-TLD squatting criteria and 
probably some others from future experience.

This is the way situation will necessarily evolve because it is the way it 
started and stayed stable for a while. So why to delay it. If Kent wants to 
be the US Master and stops the ICANN from wanting to be the world's master, 
we would all agree.

But is that what Kent wants?

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