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Re: [ga] FYI: Staff Draft towards Mission Statement

At 08:19 8/03/02 -0800, Kent Crispin wrote:

>No, it is not amazing at all.  If anything, given the demands made on
>ICANN, it is amazingly *cheap*.  As an end user, this is working out to
>around $.20/domain name per year (3% of the dominant wholesale cost) to
>pay for the global coordination functions that ICANN provides.

Kent, if the ICANN balloon is now so demand driven (and I grant you that to 
an extent. The demands of the IP lobby were quite discernible) is it not 
high time that the noticeable demand for At Large representation is acted 
upon as well?

And talking a bout *really amazingly cheap* , what about $3500 for laying 
out the framework for an on-line self-organization? www.icannatlarge.com


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