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Re: [ga] FYI: Staff Draft towards Mission Statement

On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Elisabeth Porteneuve wrote:

> Thank you very much Karl for this excellent synthesis.
> I add:
> 1.3 IPv6 deployment

That is an excellent addition.  Well more than a year ago I tried to get 
ICANN interested in the question of what enhancements to 
registry/registrar systems and protocols and to whois would be required to 
support IPv6, in particular the registration of domains having IPv6 
based DNS servers.  Because at the time there was a relative complex DNS 
Resource Record (A6) being proposed in the IETF the changes required 
could have been rather more than a mild extension of the current systems.

I hope that Rick Wesson will pop up and let us know the status of this.

Going beyond IPv6...

One of the interesting parts about "staff"s list is the number of 
functions that derive from the performance of the IANA contract, a 
contract under which ICANN receives no revenue.  In other words ICANN 
provides IANA as a gift to the US government and the costs are covered by 
ICANN's other revenue streams.

So far, due to management stonewalling, I have been unsucessful in
obtaining any information from ICANN management about the scope of the
expense to deliver the IANA functions.  From "staff" list it is pretty
clear that it amounts to a reasonably large chunk of ICANN's overall

With ICANN and IANA sharing the same roof, the responsibility for many
decisions is at best vague and uncertain.

To my mind it would be best if ICANN and IANA were to be separated. The US
Government should seek to place those tasks with some other body.


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