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Re: [ga] If ICANN were to collapse...

At 12:13 6/03/02 -0800, Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:
>Who would benefit the most?

The question "cui bono?" is always a good one to ask.

>My opinion: Verisign.

That could perhaps be 'veri'fied by closely watching the share price, now 
still in the cellar.
An ICANN collapse and a simultaneous VRSN takeoff would make an interesting 

But how about new.net as a direct beneficiary?
How about Microsoft? The other GIP members?
How about the USG? Ambitious US politicians telling the world what they can 
do with their Domains :(

But somehow, I don't think ICANN  will collapse. Version 1.3 will be 
downgraded to V. 2.1 (Lynn's 2.0 is just a kite, IMHO)
It is the DNSO constituency structure that will crack up and go.

(all just 2cts idle speculation)


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