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[ga] If ICANN were to collapse...

Who would benefit the most?

My opinion: Verisign.

In Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece "Dune", there is a
line: "He who controls the spice, controls the Universe."
"Spice" being a psychoactive natural organic chemical that
occurs only on one planet in an Imperium of millions of
solar systems.  This substance "spice melange" heightens
consciousness and extends life; it is the most precious
substance in the Universe and it forms the very basis of
interstellar transportation and communication, as well as
Universal economy and commerce, similar to the Gold
Standard. [or Domain Standard?] Yet, the spice involves a
necessary lifelong addiction, and the price is controlled
by the Emperor. COM, NET, ORG are the spice melange in the
Internet Universe, and the single Verisign registry is a
monopoly like that of the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV over
spice production in Herbert's Known Universe.  We [domain
owners and registrars alike] are at their mercy.  

[the above were just some musings for entertainment



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