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[ga] FYI re: IETF and Universal Whois R&D Effort (fwd)

 From Miriam Sapiro.

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	For those people attending the March 17-22 Internet Engineering Task
Force (IETF) in Minneapolis who are interested in the ongoing 
development of
a Universal Whois Service, as required by Appendix W of VeriSign's 
Agreement with ICANN, there will be a technical discussion of the 
for developing standards related to such a service.  Full details of the
session can be found at:


	VeriSign continues to solicit input and feedback from the Internet
community through ongoing formal and informal consultations (e.g., at 
RIPE, NANOG, ARIN, CENTR, APRICOT).  In addition, VeriSign has set up a
website, http://uwho.verisignlabs.com, to enable anyone, anywhere, to
provide input and feedback.

Miriam Sapiro
Director of International Policy

VeriSign, Inc.
1666 K Street, NW, Suite 410
Washington DC 20006
tel:    202-973-6600
fax:   202-466-9103

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