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Re: [ga] Manipulating the GA's voting rights... a new low

On 17:40 06/03/02, DannyYounger@cs.com said:
>What's your view on the new proposed NC procedures which would deny the GA
>the ability to conduct a vote unless first approved by the NC Chair?
>13.1 The DNSO secretariat will typically act as returning officer for an
>e-mail vote. All votes using the DNSO secretariat voting software have
>resource implications. Any vote of the NC or General Assembly (GA) undertaken
>by the DNSO secretariat must be requested by the Names Council chair. The NC
>chair will not ordinarily refuse a request for a vote from the chair of the
>GA for a GA vote, so long as there is no cost implication from overtime or
>other costs above that expected in the annual DNSO secretariat budget.

This wording does not prevent the GA to vote in using other solutions than 
the DNSO Secretariat. Would the NC and the BoD consider the results of such 
votes? The Secretariat owns the voting list (e-mails). Could we establish a 
polling committee having access to the list and establishing an acceptable 
authentification system? 

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