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[ga] Lynn Reform Presentation @ APRICOT 2002 Bangkok - Scribe's Notes Available

I was asked by staff of APRICOT to prepare scribe's notes for selected
plenary keynote sessions of the APRICOT 2002 conference in Bangkok this
week.  Among those sessions was a presentation by Stuart Lynn of his
thoughts on the need for reform of ICANN and proposed methods of doing so.
My sense is that many on this list are interested in his comments on this
subject, and it's for that reason that I announce here the availability of
these notes.

My APRICOT 2002 notes are posted at <http://www.apricot2002.net/scribe/>.
Stuart's talk is in file <http://www.apricot2002.net/scribe/030602-1.html>.

Ben Edelman
Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Harvard Law School

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