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Re: [ga] DNSo Structure Taskforce Conference Call

David and all assembly members,

DPF wrote:

> The DNSO Structure Taskforce has just completed a 90 minute conference
> call.  Official minutes will come out but for now here are some quick
> notes:
> A face to face meeting of the Taskforce will meet in Accra on Sunday
> from around 4.30 - 6.00.  I will not be in Accra but the TF agreed
> that either Thomas or Alexander (GA Chairs) would be fine as
> substitutes (I will liaise directly to arrange)

  It would seem proper to me that an election be held here in the GA
to determine whom shoud represent the GA members for this.
As I recall Peter De Blanc also previously had supported this
method for TF members.  As we do have a voting mechanism
for the GA, such an election should be no problem to conduct.

> It was reported that Stuart Lynn will be attending all constituency
> meetings to discuss his proposal.  The TF also keen to meet with him
> or Sims or Touton.  I suggest the GA also try to arrange for him to
> attend the GA meeting.

  Great idea!

> It was agreed that the TF would ask the Names Council to agree to the
> TF to consider the Lynn proposal as it fits within existing terms of
> reference.

  No surprise here.  A bit off the mark though...

> Some TF members commented that the Lynn report correctly identified
> some of the largest problems or issues facing ICANN but that the
> answers may not be structural change let alone the ones Lynn proposes.
> Areas seen to be issues are:
> - funding
> - no root server contracts
> - no significant progress with cctlds
> - how at large board members elected
> Discussion was held on whether to finalise TF report on ALSC or delay
> it to consider Lynn proposal as part of overall mix.  To some degree
> depends on whether Board intends to vote on acceptance or otherwise of
> ALSC report at Accra.

  The ALSC report is not on the agenda at present for Accra.  Has
this been considered or has this changed.  If the latter, where
is the latest Agenda on the ICANN web site that reflects
that there will be an ALSC report session?

> It was reported that informal contact with the Board indicated a split
> on whether to vote on ALSC report or not.

  Well this seems odd if there is not to be a presentation of the ALSC
report at all, or even if there is?  Which is it?

> Most discussion was on process but a quick round of comments was
> solicited on reaction to the Lynn proposal.  I reported that the GA to
> date had only really had negative posts on the report and in response
> to a request for specifics highlighted the inclusion of governments on
> the Board and abolishing elections and representation for users as
> particular negatives.
> The issue of funding of ICANN is a big issue for the gtlds and some
> other constituencies.

  Yes it sure is!  And where "Exactly" the money has and is going!
Full financial disclosure seems to be in order here..

> In terms of time frames it is hoped to have a draft report for the
> Names Council for its mid April meeting.  Was agreed there is a need
> to respond within weeks not months.
> The Lynn paper has a number of aspects to it.  Most are IMO negative
> but some such as abolishing DNSO constituencies in favour of self
> organising forums have some appeal.

  Good points here.

>  I will try and distill out a
> dozen or so key aspects and work with the GA Chair towards getting a
> formal GA position on them (probably through a vote of some sort).

  Lets hope so!  A vote is the best and only accurate way to make
such a determination.

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