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RE: [ga] DNSO Matching Funds Withdrawn

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Elisabeth Porteneuve wrote:

> I believe that "Other donations" item of 9050 USD in 2000
> is a donation for matching funds. I vaguelly recall that Roger
> have been mentioning this as such - to be verified however,
> it was quite a long time ago.

Personally it is my belief that for ICANN, or any of its sub-entities,
such as the DNSO, to accept "gifts" of money from any entity that is
subject to ICANN regulation or contract is a situation that may be readily
construed or mis-construed as an attempt to buy favor and influence the
decisions of ICANN.  Hence, it is my opinion that such donations should be
returned to the donor with a polite but firm "thank you but we are unable
to accept your donation".

(I also believe that ICANN's solicitation of "sponsorships" is equally 


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