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Re: [ga] RIPE NCC response to the Lynn Roadmap

At 04:08 04/03/02, William S. Lovell wrote:
>  Jefsey Morfin wrote:
>>On 08:15 03/03/02, William S. Lovell said:
>> >Jefsey Morfin wrote:
>> >Meanwhile, back at NSI, it was seeking to claim ownership of the .com,
>> >.org and .gov names as such -- a truly arrogant effort that was properly
>> >thwarted. So what's to own? (Even though NSI was sold to Verisign for $17
>> >billion, gained from "property" belonging to the USG -- which is to say,
>> >you and me.)
>>I am sorry this property does not belong to you and me because of the USG
>>(I am French).
>True, true! Even I have to remind myself now and then that my posts go 'round
>the world, as do those of all of our whole bunch here!  :-)
>>It belongs to you and me because we said so in 1980s when
>>com was decided by Mr. Boutmy's team and net by Mr. Haykens and me.
>So fill us in! That would be a fascinating tale to read.

Told the story too many times. I feel like an old Papyweb. I have been many 
years the de facto naming plan custodian - from 1978 to 1986. Long before 
Mokapetris came with the DNS we were the true "inter nets" with millions of 
supported paying users of public data services round the globe, with 
technical solutions/architecture still to come :-) The names technical 
History will rember will be Lauwrence Roberts and Robert Kahn for ARPA but 
also Louis Pouzin for INRIA, LaRoy Times and Joe Rinde for Tymnet. Robert 
Trehin for the root and the interconects...

And believe me what you propose is underway.... You cannot stop reality. If 
you want to join: you welcome!

I am only sorry Joop fights the Individual Domain Holders so well when he 
wants so much to support them. Nobody's perfect :-) The day he understands 
the way it works he will be a brillant ally!


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