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Re: [ga] RIPE NCC response to the Lynn Roadmap

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> On 12:50 3/03/02 -0800, William S. Lovell said:
> >In the writing of the icannatlarge Charter, I would assume that something
> >about the global governance of the Internet would be said -- otherwise,
> >why have a icannatlarge? -- and I would hope to see some really affirmative
> >and constructive goals along this line given prominence in that Charter.
> Go for it. Now is the time to write them.

Now is the time to think the whole thing through, but as vbertola has suggested
(as did I), even the name can't be pinned down until after Accra (although I
suspect icannatalarge will not be recognized), so some of this construction is
premature in the following sense: being a part of ICANN requires one mind
set, while starting up a whole new entity requires another. Should it be drafted

on the assumption that icannatlarge would be part of ICANN but then it turns
out not to be, there are many more changes involved than just changing names.
I prefer to wait and start with a clean slate, should my prediction turn out to
be accurate, but thanks for the invite!

My premise is that the entity we end up with is "the voice of the people,"
world wide, and among its other functions will be an effort to help develop
a replacement for ICANN (a number of good suggestions along that line
have already surfaced).

Bill Lovell

> No need to wait for others to
> write them for you and just assume that the content will be to your
> satisfaction.
> There is a thread at www.icannatlarge.com/forum/ under  Charter , "mission
> and Purpose" awaiting your contributions.
> --Joop

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