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Re: [ga] RIPE NCC response to the Lynn Roadmap

On 08:15 03/03/02, William S. Lovell said:
>Jefsey Morfin wrote:
>Meanwhile, back at NSI, it was seeking to claim ownership of the .com, 
>.org and .gov names as such -- a truly arrogant effort that was properly 
>thwarted. So what's to own? (Even though NSI was sold to Verisign for $17 
>billion, gained from "property" belonging to the USG -- which is to say, 
>you and me.)

I am sorry this property does not belong to you and me because of the USG 
(I am French). It belongs to you and me because we said so in 1980s when 
com was decided by Mr. Boutmy's team and net by Mr. Haykens and me.

>Upon what authority does ICANN act? What lawful control over the Internet,
>and both the technical and policy aspects of it, does the USG have?

None. But it has the IANA function management incuding the USG root seve 
system master root file management.

>please dont call it a "global ICANN" -- we've seen enough of that.)

Global has a precise meaning I fought for in early 1980s to introduce 
stablity in the naming plan in spite of the large number of inteconnected 
systems with different footpahts. The ICANN global network has the precise 
meaning of "all the parts of the Interconnected Networks for which the 
ICANN serves as a naming and address common registry".

> > The NIC will form an ICANN constituency-orgnization-SO [as you may like]
> > and will work at being acknowldged as the ICANN/GA. The ICANN contract will
> > then be replaced by a voted global ICANN  NIC Membership equal to all. This
> > Membeship will detail the committees/SOs etc.. the different groups of a
> > NIC will participate to.
>Again, please drop the ICANN nomenclature -- there's too much baggage being
>carried along with it.

The ICANN is properly designed. It is just sick of itself.  That is to 
consider itself as the center of the world instead of being the servant of 
everyone (the "net keeper"). You may change the words out of furstration 
but the functions will stay.


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