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[ga] Icannatlarge.com - please give it a chance!

Dear all,

I have now seen several mails about Icannatlarge.com:

-- Some people object to some people becoming members,
-- some people object to some people in the group
   which Thomas Roessler ironically called "cabal".

About the first:
We not only have to be inclusive, we /want/ to be
inclusive, don't we? I'm *very* happy to have e.g. 
Marilyn Cade, Esther Dyson and Mike Roberts on the 
membership list. That doesn't mean that you have to 
agree with them -- it shows that they take it serious.
It's exactly what we need for the Accra meeting: 
A list of people which shows that there is serious 
interest in a self-organized At Large. 

About the second:
  | cabal: [Webster dictionary]
  | the artifices and intrigues of a group of persons 
  | secretly united to bring about an overturn or 
  | usurpation especially in public affairs; also : 
  | a group engaged in such artifices and intrigues

This is exactly what the Icannatlarge.com steering group
tries to do, except that the group works in the open and 
doesn't want to overturn or usurp. ;) The list is archived
publicly and *all* the Icannatlarge.com steering group
tries to do is to help Joop by putting the responsibility
on more shoulders: The group has e.g. just recommended that 
the membership list (default view) should not differentiate 
between domain holders and non domain holders. (Please give
Joop some time to implement it! Like most involved in the 
effort, he's just a human being.) In fact, everyone of that 
group agreed.

If you are not happy with any of the features of the
site, please contribute ideas and/or code! We are **NOT** 
the leaders of the At Large, we are just helping with
the website.

The bottom line:
This is our chance to show that At Large /can/ self-organize.
Let's not waste this chance. The Accra meeting is coming up,
and we have by now all read the writing on the wall. If we
don't manage to get it started, there will probably never be
an ICANN At Large.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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