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[ga] Structure TF Teleconference


The NC has established a body charged with investigating issues pertaining to 
the restructuring of ICANN, the Structure TF.  Our bylaws state:  "Each of 
such bodies shall provide appropriate means, as determined by the NC, for 
input and such participation as is practicable under the circumstances by 
other interested parties."  

David Farrar, our GA representative has forwarded a request, in the interest 
of transparency, to allow for either listen-only ports or a webcasting of the 
upcoming Structure TF teleconference.  You have chosen to deny these options 
for interested parties citing "a cost implication to both", and noting that 
"there is no budget for them in the central DNSO
budget funded by constituencies".

The first proposal for the 2002 DNSO Budget tendered by Roger Cochetti notes 
a "Projected surplus of Funds at Year-End 2001 of $63,000", as well as a 
"Miscellaneous Category" that includes $30,000 for 2002.  There is also $5000 
set aside for telephone expenses.

Please explain to us exactly why you will not honor the ICANN Bylaws when 
clearly there are funds both available and set aside to cover telephone 


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