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Re: [ga] Icannatlarge.com - conflict of interest

At 01:05 1/03/02 +0000, Abel Wisman wrote:
>The mere suggestion of limitations on membership for an "at-large" group
>are preposterous and what's more, a contradiction in terms.
>Everyone should be able to be a member and if the majority of the
>at-large members decide that any certain person, no matter what
>background, colour, religion, sex, job, bank, or whatever discriminable
>part you want to choose, should be in any form part of governing or
>representing that "at-large" group then so be it.
>it is called democracy, and no, that is not a means for people who
>have nothing or no other place to be heard.
>Strangely enough that could be another constituency and again (even
>weirder) there could be cross memberships.

I agree with Abel on this. The At Large is the place where Kings and 
commoners stand together. Equally , on a one-woman-one vote basis.
Marilyn is welcome as a member, and she is expected to represent nobody but 
herself, as an individual Domain Name holder.
If she seeks to run for office, she is expected to disclosed her interest 
and current role in the BC. Then it's up to the voters.


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