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[ga] Webcasting the DNSO session

I have the received the following reply from ICANN staff clarifying matters 
with respect to webcasting the DNSO session in Accra:

Danny - Stuart asked me to respond to your e:mail.  I'm sorry it has taken
me a while - I've been trying to get some specific information on the costs.
You are correct in your statement that since our webcasting costs will be
lower in Ghana, the costs to the DNSO would be lower.  Because we are
utilizing local resources, the webcasting costs will vary from meeting to
meeting.  In Ghana, the cost to webcast the DNSO sessions will be
incremental to our overall costs.  For this meeting only, any cost to
webcast the DNSO sessions, wlll be paid by ICANN.  We will need to review
this on a meeting by meeting basis - and I will try to get the information
to you early enough that a decision can be made and sponsorship found if it
is required.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Diane Schroeder
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