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Re: [ga] RE: Icannatlarge.com - conflict of interest

Marylyn and all assembly members,

Cade,Marilyn S - LGA wrote:

> Joanna, I signed up as an individual domain name holder and made an
> individual pledge.  I signed up to be supportive, not to play a leadership
> role in any way.

  So did I, as have others thus far.  It's good to see that you are not
interested in any leadership role given you short term memory problems
and all...  My personal condolences on that BTW...

> As I understand it, the At Large has to show significant mass of people who
> will sign up and help to provide some funding to support getting started.
> I appreciate your question and the opportunity to clarify that.

  Yes.  But it seems that ICANNATLARGE.COM is a commercial
site and is owned by JoopT as well as being hosted by JooT's
company as well.  This is a bit troubling if this effort is to be
considered a true/legitimate At-Large.

> You are right that I am involved in a number of activities in ICANN;
> however, I did want to clarify one thing about the IDN TF:  I participated
> in a call which was open to others sponsored by the IDN TF, in order to
> learn more about the IDN topic and issues.
> I hope this clarifies my intent. Regards, Marilyn

  Well kinda it does...  We will wait and see though...

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joanna Lane [mailto:jo-uk@rcn.com]
> Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 12:37 AM
> To: Cade,Marilyn S - LGA
> Cc: ga@dnso.org; Joop Teernstra; DannyYounger@cs.com
> Subject: Icannatlarge.com - conflict of interest
> (I am posting this to the GA because the ALSC forum list has been killed.)
> Dear Marilyn,
> I notice you have just signed up as an individual member and domain name
> holder of the new At Large Members Organization at
> http://www.icannatlarge.com. In what capacity may I ask?
> As you know, the At Large Organization is being set up primarily to lobby
> ICANN for representation of those who are currently not able to participate
> in the process through membership of other groups, specifically individual
> domain name registrants, users and the public in general.
> Now, please correct me if I'm wrong, but you are a professional Internet and
> Government lobbyist in fulltime employ with AT&T, a Telco. In that capacity
> you are a member of the DNSO Business Constituency and represent that group
> (some 33 Businesses) on the Names Council. You Chair two of the NC's Task
> Forces, namely the Transfer Task Force and the Whois Task Force, and will be
> speaking on behalf of both of those groups (representing the views of all 7
> constituencies) at the forthcoming Names Council Meeting in Accra
> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/council/Arc09/msg00210.html. Furthermore, you
> have some unspecified involvement with the IDN Task Force
> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-idn/Arc00/msg00036.html which still leaves
> time for you to be an active member of the DNSO General Assembly. This
> amounts to your representing every single member of each constituency of the
> DNSO at one time or another in the current process.
> Now, are we to understand that in addition to this, you now seek for your
> voice to be heard in the formation of this new bottom-up organization? If
> so, would this be on a level playing field with every other individual,
> including the possibility of standing for election as an officer of the At
> Large? Or are we to understand that you have joined simply to make a (no
> doubt generous) pledge on behalf of AT & T, with no desire to expand your
> role into areas such as seeking election as a representative of At Large
> Members within the ICANN process?
> Thank you for the clarification.
> Regards,
> Joanna
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