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Re: [ga] Re: electoral fraud by the ga chair

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Joop Teernstra wrote:

> The Romans used to say:
> Nemo auditur turpitudinem suam allegans.
> (Freely translated:  you can't expect people to listen when you use your
> own misdeeds as part of an argument)

Not misdeeds my dear friend.  Proof of fraud is more like it.

> Just tell the list how many FOR and AGAINST votes you made anonymously and
> Roberto can rewrite the informal poll result.

No way.  I would be pleased to reveal all in a court of law - or if it
serves my interests.  And rewriting the poll results is
revisionism.  Furthermore - I am only one instance of polling booth
abuse.  How many others have their been?

The poll was a fraud and the chair and alternate chair choose to
participate in that fraud even after you advised them such fraud was
possible.  My question is - do you know why they went ahead with it after
being warned by yourself that the results could be invalidated?

> Better still: The list can have another poll, this time with a proper
> voters' roll and voter passwords, on improved rules that incorporate
> apologies.

I'm all for that as long as we have choice and a set of controls which not
only exclude fraud but also validate or enumerate the "voters" lists.

> If the Chairs are going to enforce civil discourse, there should be no
> question that a clear majority agrees on the details of the rules.

And that does not exists.

> Note: I had to remove both your name and JW from the to: and cc: to ensure
> that this posting will pass the many private filters.

That's the way it goes.

Joe Baptista