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[ga-tm] Regional Consultative Meeting on WIPO-2

Re-posted from Australian [DNS] list on Tue, 15 May 2001 10:28:25 +1000
By David Lindsay <d.lindsay@law.unimelb.edu.au> (with permission)

David has since advised:

> Please note that RFC-3 (the Interim Report) and further details are
> available from the WIPO Web-site at http://wipo2.wipo.int.  We will be
> providing copies of the interim report on the day, but it would obviously
> help if people are familiar with the recommendations prior to the meeting.

Could I ask, for the nth time, what we might be doing about WIPO-2 ??

Best regards
Patrick Corliss
Alternate Chair

----- Original Message -----
From: David Lindsay <d.lindsay@law.unimelb.edu.au>
Dated:  Tue, 15 May 2001 10:28:25 +1000
Subject: [DNS] Regional consultation on Second WIPO Domain Name Process

Many of you will be familiar with the first WIPO Domain Name Process, which
led to the development and adoption of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute
Resolution Policy (UDRP).

The second WIPO process is designed to develop recommendations on means of
dealing with the bad faith, abusive, misleading or unfair use of: personal
names; international nonproprietary names (INNs) for pharmaceuticals; names
of international intergovernmental organisations; geographical indications,
geographical terms or indications of source; and trade names.

A regional consultative meeting on the second process will be held in
Melbourne on 24 May.  The meeting will be held at campus of the University
of Melbourne.

Further details regarding the meeting are available from the WIPO Web-site.
 The Second process interim report (RFC-3) is also available from the WIPO
Web-site.  Pre-registration for the consultative meeting is not required
and attendees may register on the day.  If you have an interest in domain
name dispute resolution, it is important that you participate in this

David Lindsay
Research Fellow
Faculty of Law
University of Melbourne

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