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[ga-tm] WIPO Seeks Comment On Domain Name Process

A reminder.  The comment period for WIPO-2 ends 8th June.  Would anybody
like to make any comments on the new GA Trade Marks & IP mailing list?

Please, mail Majordomo@dnso.org with "subscribe ga-tm" in the text.

Patrick Corliss

From: Darrell Greenwood <darrell_greenwood@mindlink.net>
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 6:47 AM (AEST)
Subject: [ga] WIPO Seeks Comment On Domain Name Process

WIPO Seeks Comment On Domain Name Process

Scott Robinson writes: "WIPO has released their Interim Report of the
Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process. More importantly, they have
requested for comments on this report. Read, respond, be a good netizen."
Michael mentioned the report's release in this story as well.
Unfortunately, WIPO doesn't make it available as either html or plain text;
your options are Word and pdf -- but it's worth downloading, to see how
WIPO justifies its role in determining (among other things) which common
words, pharmaceutical identifiers and geographically-linked terms the
ordinary domain registrant is allowed to use. The comment period ends June


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