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[ga-tm] Re: Domain Name Speech

At 14:50 3/05/01 +1000, Patrick Corliss wrote:
>On Sunday, September 03, 2000 2:46 PM (AEST), Joop Ternstra wrote:
>Subject: Re: [icann-candidates] Re: [ga] bodacious-tata[s].NET
>> If we look further out to the future, we can expect two broad attitudes
>> (constituencies?) to emerge, those who will want to expand the URDP into
>> more wide-ranging DN policing and those, like yourself,  who will want to
>> protect freedom of speech in DN registration.
>> As more and more registrants will use the full potential of "speech" in a
>> 64 alphanumeric string, more and more names will emerge that will be
>> considered hate speech, obscene speech, political speech and other forms
>> addressing that many powers-that-be (and ordinary citizens) across
>> different languages and cultures will want banned.
>Hi Joop
>I think this contribution of yours is worth revisiting now that we have a
>mailing list dedicated to ICANN's policy in relation to the UDRP.
>Do we need to formulate a policy in relation to domain name speech?

Ho, Patrick, you are not among those  who pretend or believe that the GA
list has only produced rubbish over the years. :-)

I would like to see a document emerge that firmly outlines the "inner
boundaries" of Domain Name Holders' Rights.
Free speech should be one of those rights, but it should be moderated by
responsible use.

Registering an offensive name by itself probably would not break local
laws, but promoting its visibility probably would. 
The Muslim world is likely to be the most sensitive, where it comes to free

We should leave policy formulation to restrict free speech rights to those
who feel compelled or inclined to do so, but the rights of a Registrant
should be defined by Registrars following due process when it comes to
complying with local legislation.
That due process should be globally defined.

Founder of the Cyberspace Association.
Former bootstrap of the IDNO (www.idno.org)
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