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[ga-tm] Domain Name Speech

On Sunday, September 03, 2000 2:46 PM (AEST), Joop Ternstra wrote:
Subject: Re: [icann-candidates] Re: [ga] bodacious-tata[s].NET

> If we look further out to the future, we can expect two broad attitudes
> (constituencies?) to emerge, those who will want to expand the URDP into
> more wide-ranging DN policing and those, like yourself,  who will want to
> protect freedom of speech in DN registration.
> As more and more registrants will use the full potential of "speech" in a
> 64 alphanumeric string, more and more names will emerge that will be
> considered hate speech, obscene speech, political speech and other forms
> addressing that many powers-that-be (and ordinary citizens) across
> different languages and cultures will want banned.

Hi Joop

I think this contribution of yours is worth revisiting now that we have a
mailing list dedicated to ICANN's policy in relation to the UDRP.

Do we need to formulate a policy in relation to domain name speech?

Patrick Corliss

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