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[ga-sys] Abuses of WHOIS data

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  • Subject: [ga-sys] Abuses of WHOIS data
  • From: Joanna Lane <jo-uk@rcn.com>
  • Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 19:14:00 -0400
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FYI, WHOIS related SPAM received today. If this exceeds my posting limit for
today, I apologize, but feel it pertinent to discussions.

From: postmaster@mail3.9netway.com
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 18:24:56 -0400
To: LimitedTimeOffer-MasterCD2001@yahoo.com
Subject: Master CD 2001 -  Business to Business Purchasing Leads

Due to the many internet copyright pirates, and those who have copied and
released our products without our permission or consent, we have a very,
very special offer for you.

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Tool, MasterCD2001, now updated with
contacts representing 12 Million domains Worldwide! ***$99.95*** until
May 18th!

OK, you held out at $999.00, at $799.00 and at $499.00, so here's a one
time offer you can't refuse to get: MasterCD2001 for only $99.95.  We've
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Unlimited usage is yours permanently for just $99.95!

You can now access, import and export information about contacts for
nearly 12 Million domain names worldwide.  All of the domain owners have
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them serious prospects for Internet related business.

Our newest database on CD-ROM contains the Names, Contact Information,
Physical Address, SIC, Phone #, Fax #, URL (Domain Name), and Contact
E-Mail Address which allows you to efficiently target companies

Physical Addresses let you target businesses by, Country, State,
City, Province, Zip Code, Telephone Area Code, numerous SIC
codes and even Local Exchange Prefixes. The data is supplied
in a delimited ASCII text format which makes it easy to link
or import records into contact management, spreadsheet and all
other database related applications.

MasterCD2001 NOW ONLY $99.95(US) plus $20 shipping & handling for
2-Day UPS Air within the 48 contiguous United States, $40 shipping &
handling otherwise, which includes non-contiguous US and Canada.

We are currently shipping our April 2001 release.
Complete the buyer and shipping info, print and fax this form with
the completed credit card information.

Updates are available quarterly for $99.95 each.

This powerful marketing tool is a 100% tax-deductible business expense!

Time is running out quickly, so don't delay.  ORDER NOW!


Due to this incredibly discounted promotional price, we are accepting
only credit card orders faxed to:

*** 305-513-5094 ***

Promotional Code: 516Q2BD

Please Send Me:
MasterCD2001 for $99.95(US) plus $20 shipping & handling for
2-Day UPS Air within the contiguous US, $40 shipping & handling for
International orders (includes Canada and non-contiguous US.)

MasterCD2001 _______________$99.95 (plus shipping & handling)
S&H Contiguous US __________$20.00_______
S&H Non-Contiguous US_______$40.00_______


No orders will be accepted without the above shipping and handling fee.

I am entering the number of updates I wish to have automatically sent
to me, following this one time offer and the "locked in price" of $99.95,
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YES_____ Automatically Ship [     ] updates at $99.95 plus the above S&H
and bill my credit card at the time of shipping.

NO THANK YOU ______  Do not ship any updates and bill my credit card one
time only.

Please note the required fields below:
* = required

Buyer/Shipping info:

*Name: __________________________________________________________________

Company Name (if applicable): ___________________________________________

*Shipping Address: ______________________________________________________

*City: ______________________________________

*State/Province: ____________________________

*Postal Code: _______________________________

*Country: ___________________________________

*Telephone: _______________________________________________

Fax: ______________________________________________________

*E-mail Address: __________________________________________
This e-mail address will not be used for ANY purpose other
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Without providing an e-mail address, you will not be able
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Promotional Code: 516Q2BD

*Card Type-circle one: (MasterCard)  (Visa)  (Amex)  (Discover)

*Credit Card Number: ______________________________________

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*Billing Address of Credit Card if different than shipping:


City & Province/State & Postal Code:


Fax & Email are the only forms of correspondence available due to the
incredible pricing of this offer, so please be sure your email address
is legible & accurate.

EVISION Customer Service will be provided by E-mail or Fax only.

Please fax the *legible* completed form to >>  305-513-5094  <<

Promotional Code: 516Q2BD



This message is not intended for residents in the States of WA, NV, CA,
TN, RI, NC & VA.  Screening of addresses has been done to the best of
our technical ability.  If you wish to remove yourself from future
communication, please reply with the word remove in the subject line.

One time limited offer only.  We reserve the right to revert to standard
pricing after May 18th.


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