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[ga-sys] WHOIS - conditions of use

It might be useful to have this as a seperate thread and work on a document
that summarizes what we think are appropriate reasons for accessing WHOIS
data and in each instance, what is the *minimum* data that is required for
that specific purpose.

This will then show whether or not WHOIS can meet the criteria of the EU
Privacy law while remaining in the public domain, also clarifying what data
it needs to comprise. Actually, this may get unmanageable, but it's a start.

For the purposes of this exercise, it is assumed that the WHOIS database is
a new centralized operation run by a new entity with GAC oversight.


Denial of Service Attack
Data required: 
Technical contact phone number, email,
Primary and secondary servers

2. Purpose:
Network troubleshooting (clarify specific purpose)
Data required:

3. Purpose
Service of Legal Notices for trademark infringement
Data required:
Service Agent Name and address

Criminal investigation by Police and Relevant authorities
Access required:
All data

5. Purpose:
Registry records of customers
Data required:

6. Purpose:
Reviewing data on record and updating contact details
Data required:
All data

7. Purpose:

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