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Re: [ga-sys] Registrants Charter - FREEDOMS - Part 1

It is very important to include a valid email address when showing pubic 
WHOIS information and the Name Servers as well.  The physical location is 
not as important and a fax number is not relevant; although a phone number 
would be nice.

I'd rather not allow individuals to avoid the same public listing as 
business; but prefer a solution rather than lumping us into a business 
category... uh hem, excuse me while I move forward or backward into a good 
use for a top level domain:  too bad we can not use .i (for individual).  [ 
Although, I also use a MBE for my Internet Business needs and am not a part 
of the "threatened" group. ]


We all seem to be coming together on this topic:  I hope we reach consensus 
by this or next Friday!


ps.  (I have copies of most ISP's anti-SPAM policies for anyone who is not 
familiar with them.  Please ask me privately, if you'd like me to forward 
them to you and tell me if you want a big email or a text file.)

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