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Re: [ga-sys] Registrants Charter - FREEDOMS - Part 1

Joanna Lane wrote on 16.05.01, 04:28:45:
>> The ONLY remaining glitch is the registrant data.
> As I explained to Chris
>> Ambler, years ago, this is simply taken care of by the paid usage of a PO
>> box, or MBE account (of which, I have a few, for this purpose).
> In middle class America, every town has a Post Office with boxes and mail
> forwarding, but this resource is not available everywhere. It's a helpful
> tip, but it's not the solution for everyone.

I agree, and although I for one appreciate helpful
tips, we are talking about the *default* (which is
likely to be used by the vast majority). E.g. I note
that voicemail systems are used *far* less frequently
in Germany (maybe also in the rest of Europe) than
in the US, and that relatively few private persons 
have a PO box.

Has everyone seen this:

 CENTR Members agree to adopt the following position on Whois service
 as a consensus position:
 It is appropriate to provide in a public available Whois service the 
 name and the postal address of a registrant. On phone/fax numbers or
 e-mail addresses a opt-out clause should be provided in the registrants 

Best regards,
/// Alexander
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