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[ga-sys] Re: Registrants Charter -- FREEDOMS -- part 1


I understand the argument regarding "a listing where they can be reached for
any legal purpose".  I do not understand why such information, which is
retained in the registrars billing records (usually verified via a credit
card services provider) needs to be put out for public display when for
legal purposes the registrar could assuredly be contacted.

You have alluded to practices such as the use of Postal service boxes and
similar services to protect one's address.  Most registrants go through a
registrar that uses credit card identity verification procedures that will
not accept addresses other than those shown on a registrant's credit card.
This results in registrants revealing certain data to the Public Whois even
if they have PO boxes.  Yes, there are provisions to "hide" Whois data, but
most new registrants are not aware of their options in this regard.  The
registrar community has done little to inform registrants of their options
to edit their contact information.

Perhaps a registrants "Bill of Rights" would be in order.

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