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[ga-sys] Re: Registrants Charter -- FREEDOMS -- part 1


It is also possible to agree, by consensus, to change the rules.  You have
argued that Whois information is and should remain public information.  Can
you elaborate upon this argument?  As I have been invited to participate on
the NC's WHOIS committee chaired by Paul Kane, I would appreciate the
opportunity to hear all views on this topic.   I would also hope to be able
to have the members of the GA participate in arriving at a consensus on the
best way forward with regard to this issue...

Clearly, privacy is a major issue in the European community, and we need to
respect the fact that the Internet is a global medium.  It should be
possible to strike a compromise position that would allow for privacy
concerns and for the concerns of law enforcement, intellectual property and
commercial interests.

Which data should be made public?  Which data could be retained by the
registrar for release to law enforcement that perhaps need not be made
public?  Why must a registrar license out all their bulk WHOIS data to any
marketing group that can put up $10,000?  Why should the public stand for
it?  Aren't we targeted already to a more-than-sufficient degree by
commercial marketing units?

Why should a young single female with a personal website be at risk of being
stalked by any maniac that can perform a WHOIS lookup?   Should a political
activist living under a repressive regime be forced to give out the
information that may result in his imprisonment or cost him his life?

There are a fair amount of questions that can be asked...

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