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Re: [ga-sys] Registrants Charter - FREEDOMS - Part 1

At 01:05 PM 5/15/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello Joanna,
>Tuesday, May 15, 2001, 9:17:09 AM, Joanna Lane wrote:
> > This document draws attention to one significant discrepancy between
> > ICANN-adopted policy, and the European Commission-adopted policy with 
> regard
> > to Registrar-Registrant Agreements.
> > Freedoms granted December 2000 require that all EU citizens of the 15 
> member
> > nations who chose to register Second Level Domain Names as individuals 
> shall
> > have the right to opt out of the WHOIS database altogether.
>Bad plan.
>The whois database is an essential publicly available record, and
>there should be no opt out options for registered domain names.
>Best regards,
>William X Walsh
>Owner, Userfriendly.com
>Userfriendly.com Domains
>The most advanced domain lookup tool on the net

Any Registry should make their Second Level Domain Name Registrant 
information available via WHOIS.

In accordance with the RFC's dealing with SPAM, it is not acceptable for 
folks to use this WHOIS data to promote the generation of unsolicited 
e-mails.  Already in existence are many companies helping rid the world of 
SPAM with out generating more of it and I am confident balance will be 
achieved in the future.

An opt-out system should never be in place to handle situations like 
these:  if the decision is to use the language you provided for us, I think 
you must change it to an opt-in situation so no one who wants to opt-out is 
included in the master list ever.



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