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[ga-roots] Re: [ga] Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 22:31:09 -0700 - Ken Stubb New.net problem revieled

David and all remaining assembly members,

  David, thank you for chiming in on this.  Much appreciated here, and I
sure by others on this forum as well. I will resend this to the
ga-roots@dnso.org list along with my reply here ASAP.

  I took the time to inform Mr. Stubbs, that his problem he experienced
with New.Nets product was likely a configuration problem with his
own PC configuration.  See:
for further details.   your comments below seem to also indicate
that this is likely the case, and that a new revised version is
on it's way to address some of these potential problems.  Thank
you for doing so.

  As you may know, Ken Stubbs is a member of the DNSO NC, as
such he may be predisposed to be in disagreement with New.Nets
approach.  If so, it is understandable why his remarks in a post
to the DNSO GA and the DNSO-ROOTS ML was so forthcoming.
However I am sure Ken will be more than happy to address such
a possibility.

David Hernand wrote:

> New.net appreciates Mr. Stubbs bringing to our attention the problem
> that he experienced with New.net's client application.  As many of you
> are aware, we recently released a new version of our client application
> that supports AOL users (using AOL's version of Internet Explorer) and
> users sitting behind corporate firewalls.  The problem experienced by
> Mr. Stubbs is a problem that affects a very small number of users and
> appears to relate to the use of "transparent proxies" by certain
> applications, such as Intel's Anypoint software.  We have identified a
> technical solution that should avoid this problem going forward, and we
> plan to release an updated version of our client application tomorrow.
> As with any new software application, it is very difficult to predict
> and test for all possible conflicts with other software applications
> despite extensive QA, but we are doing everything we can to promptly
> respond to such conflicts when they arise.  Thus far, we have received
> fewer than 10 customer complaints regarding our client out of over
> 1,000,000 downloads.  The bug experienced by Mr. Stubbs really is no
> different from the types of bugs experienced by users that download
> software applications from Microsoft, Adobe, Netscape, Real Networks and
> other leading software companies, and it's overkill to pronounce that
> the
> existence of such bugs mean that all such companies contribute to
> "instability" of the Internet.  In the future, we invite Mr. Stubbs to
> contact our customer service department regarding any problems with our
> service instead of raising such issues first in domain name policy
> forums.
> As a side note, we regret that Mr. Stubbs was unaware that he had
> installed New.net's small client application.  Our website asks users to
> click on "Click here to enable your browser to recognize New.net
> domains!"
> and then click on "Yes" on the Verisign Active-X installer (or Java
> installer) security confirmation page before the client download occurs.
> We welcome suggestions on how to make this process more clear to our
> users.
> David Hernand
> New.net
> David M. Hernand
> New.net
> Tel: 626.229.7808
> Fax: 626.229.7801
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