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Re: [ga-roots] Re: Criminalization of alt roots

On 2 May 2001, at 22:21, Kent Crispin wrote:

> On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 10:24:01PM -0400, L Gallegos wrote:
> > 
> > It is time that ICANN/DoC realize that that they are, in fact, a part of a 
> > much larger world than the one root or root system and find a way to 
> > cooperate.
> You have this exactly backward.  It is the various root consortia that 
> have to work around ICANN.

So very incorrect.  It is ICANN that will cause the  pandemonium with 
setting the precedent making duplication okay.  It is ICANN's 
responsibility to avoid it.

> For all its faults, it is a simple fact that ICANN has conferred with a
> far, far larger range of stakeholders than any of the alternate roots --
> new.net, the largest of those efforts, doesn't have a hundredth of the
> representational infrastructure that ICANN does; the other groups, like
> ORSC and TLDA, are basically just little clubs. 

It has not conferred with the users nor has it paid any attention to them 
when they have reacted.  It has conferred with its select backers and 
made a show of offering the majority of stakeholders a voice - which it is 
doing its best to eliminate as we speak and which it ignores 

No use of syntax or semantics will change the fact that several roots 
and hundreds of TLDs exist and will continue to do so.  If trends 
continue, those numbers will increase, not decrease.  There will be 
duplicates of the major  TLDs in the USG root, causing more chaos - all 
because ICANN insists it is okay to operate that way.

Regardless of the rhetoric you and others backing ICANN and special 
interests may use, the fact is that there are not separate DNS's.  It is 
all one system and the most illiterate user understands it once it is 

As I've said over and over again, time will show the error in judegement 
shown by ICANN if this duplication is entered into the USG root.  None 
of us has to do anything for the chaos to begin.  Just wait for DoC to 
effect it.

> Where is the at-large membership, or the "GA" of the TLDA, pray tell?
> What representation does the TLDA have from business groups, from
> intellectual property groups, from the user community? In fact, the TLDA
> has none of these things. 
> Yet the TLDA would have us substitute *its* processes (basically being a
> member of a club) for selection of new TLD operators over those of
> ICANN.  Ain't gonna happen. 

One more time.  The TLDA is a TRADE ASSOCIATION.  It is not a 
substitute for ICANN or any other root manager.  It's membership is TLD 
holders, one of which could be DoC or its designated agent (ICANN).  
You seem to wish to impose upon the TLDA a mission it has never 
stated.  It will not run a root or root servers or hold a TLD itself and will 
work toward cooperation among all TLD holders as part of its goals.

If you would take the time to read the posts that have explained this 
many times, you might change your statements.

> The fact is that in any kind of fair competition the atlantic root
> network, orsc, iodesign etc simply couldn't compete against companies
> like Neustar -- they would be toast before they knew what hit them.  The
> only reason they exist at all is that they have played fast and loose
> with the rules while the big companies abided by the rules. 

I'll let Chris address your slander against his company.

As for Neustar, I have seen several posts describing disturbing breaks 
from their original proposal and a definite trend toward unfair trade 
practices, claims of confidentiality that will delay the entry of more TLDs 
and that doesn't account for the deliberate duplication of the .BIZ TLD 
after they were notified of it.

As for competition, what has that to do with it?  We are not in 
competition with ICANN and have never claimed to be.  ICANN should 
have little or nothing to do with business models.  

Your statement is more indication that ICANN would wish to crust any 
small entity in the market and prevent their participation.  It goes 
against the White  Paper and the MOU as well as the spirit of the 
Internet and places all power in the hands of the few large corporate 
entities and monopolies.

If it walks like duck...


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