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[ga-roots] Re: Criminalization of alt roots

On Thursday, May 03, 2001 7:34 AM (AEST), William X. Walsh wrote:

> The root systems are entirely independent of each other, and there is
> nothing which would require or mandate (or should for that matter)
> that they must coordinate or recognize each other's TLDs.

Leah says they should and you say they shouldn't.

Given that there will, at least, be confusion, would you be kind enough to
specify why ICANN should not have a policy?  It is not sufficient to say
"the root systems are independent".  So are countries but they have
international agreements.

One example is the Rules of the Sea for vessels in international waters.
This seems like a sensible provision to avoid collisions at sea.

> This entire subject is really that simple.

Perhaps it is enough that ICANN states that its policy is to do nothing.
Personally I think that would be short-sighted.  However, as I understand
it, it's the GA's role to assist ICANN in it policy formulation.    Kent has
suggested making it a criminal offence to run alt roots.

> We really didn't need a new mailing list to realize that.

There is a problem.  There should be a policy.

Patrick Corliss

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