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[ga-roots] Re: Criminalization of alt roots

FYI - Reposted from the NCDNH Discussion List.

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Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 10:12 PM
Subject: Re: Criminalization of alt roots

I hope not to sound too stupid for this, but I was wondering a few things
(very simple) about the biz/root matter. I hope someone can clarify my ideas
because I am afraid there's still some "debris" :

I suppose that we can somehow consider the root spaces as part of a market,
as we have the legacy root, the alternate roots and so on.
Controlling them,the roots, is done by various entities like ICANN or
Pacificroot  and ORSC, NARSC.

All of this "operators" try to have the highest number of users, because its
market success is simply based on the number of surfers using his root and
Any of them can try to gain users, making somekind of attractive products.

A very attractive product is .biz , managed by ARNI.

Considering the root space as a market (it is a market already) the way
ICANN operated is somehow out of fair competition. The .biz TLD is a domain,
so "first come first served".
It doesn't matter it's a "Top" level domain, the evolution of the domain
name disputes started from this principle: "first come, first served".  As
the matter evolved into deeper legal stuff, we correctly applied some
trademarks concepts. I simply think that at this point ARNI is a more
authoritative owner of dot-biz than ICANN. I can't argue why ARNI lost its
"property" so easily. I didn't see much (enough) claim around the biz
matter,most of all by the alternate  surfers. I really can't understand
this. This way we see a possible market (?) of roots completely owned by

Would it sound too stupid a ""legal action"" against ICANN by ARNI on the
basis of what is written below?


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